Elizabeth Ann Stewart

Elizabeth Ann Stewart is a writer-director, producer, actress, voice talent, show host and entrepreneur based in both Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles. She began her career in media by co-hosting the Innovation @ Work radio show, which aired on Biz Radio, K-Sky and CNN radio, on the show, she hosted one of the first on-air Congressional candidate debates in Dallas.

She was also brought on to host a show for the Hope Show Network, called Elizabeth’s Diary. The show focused on her as a personality, while she also interviewed global influencers. After these shows, Elizabeth graduated with a degree in Global Business and spent a large part of her career in a C-level position in the medical industry as well as consulting for medium sized companies.


Over the last year, she has been splitting her time between Los Angeles and Dallas and has appeared in as an actress in commercials, Buzzfeed videos, documentaries and a network TV pilot. She’s also been a salsa dancer since age 12 and won her first state championship at age 14, she’s know for choreography and performance as well.

Elizabeth Ann Stewart Director’s Demo: 2018 from Elizabeth Ann Stewart on Vimeo.


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