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Vamps, Blood and Smoking Guns

Bored with dull divorce cases, ex-cop-turned-private-detective Erika “Colt” Coltrane decides to investigate a series of eerie murders that has been kept secret thanks to police corruption.

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Bootstrapped: Amon Carter

Amon Carter, the self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist, not only spread the archetype of the gun-toting, hat-and-boots-wearing Texas businessman, but also ultimately defined built Ft. Worth to be the place “where the West begins…”

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Lord-Jaguar Cover

Lord Jaguar

Based on the novel by Margaret Donelly, follow the story of a young Nigerian girl who discovers her own strength and the mystery of an ancient world.

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The storyteller and behind-the-scenes creative.

Alex Garcia Topete

Producer & Writer-Director

The business brains and onscreen talent.

Elizabeth Ann Stewart

Producer & Actress

The technologist and watchman-at-large.

Jacob Wurzer

Producer & Exec

The stalwart of movie magic.

Ross M. Stewart

Post Production Supervisor, Assistant Director

Nowadays Orange Productions

Telling Inspiring Stories Worth Telling…


Every city with a significant presence of the arts and entertainment industry has at least one powerhouse behind it: Chicago has Oprah, Atlanta has Tyler Perry, New York has Dick Wolf and his Law & Orders, Orlando has Nickelodeon and MTV, and Los Angeles, of course, is the entertainment capital of the world with the major film studios and the main television networks. With that in mind, Nowadays Orange Productions aims to create worthy and high-quality media productions, regardless of their budget, championing the use of new technologies and of both fresh and experienced talent, preferably from Texas, in order to reaffirm the Dallas area as a new hub of the arts and entertainment industry.

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